Part of our new concept at Darlage Custom Meats is to support other local businesses by making their products available to you at one location.  We offer a variety of products from other Indiana small businesses.  Stop in to check out all the great products made right here in Indiana.


The Hackman Family Farm Market opened its doors in 2012 as a retail business to serve up fresh quality produce for our customers. We are a family farm operation. Megan, Jacquelyn, Allison, and Victor are building and expanding on the 30 years of farming expertise of their parents, Tom and Ruth.

We offer a wide array of the freshest and ripest produce in the area. Our produce is picked daily as it ripens on the vine, not days ahead of its time. All items are available in season and are of the highest quality.

Our operation follows good agriculture practices (GAP). Our staff is educated on proper handling of produce. We strive to reduce our foot print on the land by using best management practices (BMP) for irrigation, pest and nutrient management, crop rotation, and cover crops. Not only do we want to provide quality produce, we want to be good stewards of the land.

We look forward to seeing our neighbors and meet new customers every day. Customer service and customer satisfaction with our produce is our primary goal. If you are in the neighborhood, come check us out.


Marion-Kay Spices is a family owned, managed, and operated company since 1922.

Originally started in Springfield, Missouri before moving to St. Louis, Marion-Kay Spices has called Brownstown, Indiana, home since 1949. Marion-Kay imports spices from nearly every region of the world. We blend, grind, mix, bottle, and ship directly from our factory to your location.

We take pride in our high quality of spices, our commitment to consistency, and our dedication to customer service.

Once you see, smell, and taste our spices, you will discover, There IS A Difference!


Here at Rumpy's we started small, sharing with friends and family the great tasting Pepper Spreads. The feedback and demands for more made us realize this stuff is really good. So we created a brand and went to market and the rest is history.

Everyone loves party snacks and Rumph's General Store offers the best. It's not a salsa or a jelly or even a relish. It is .....well.... Rumpy's World Famous Pepper Spread. It's just good! It is a parade of flavor from the initial sweet-pickling flavor to the rolling influx of pepper.

They go great with cheese and crackers, summer sausage, wings, cream cheese dip. Mix in burgers or meatloaf. Glaze on ham, pork or fish. Add in salads or chili and much more. So, on your next outing, be the talk of the town sharing some of Rumpy's World Famous Pepper Spread. Pick Sweet or Zesty or if you are into the spicier side of life, go for the Hot! We know you will enjoy our great tasting spreads, and please share any new recipes with us so we can pass them along!


A&S started out with one thing in mind...better jerky. As a life-long jerky lover I had grown tired of the one-dimensional taste that has dominated the jerky industry for years. After culinary school I decided to do something about it.

Here at A&S, we start with choice top round. A lean, flavorful cut usually reserved for roast or steaks, sliced to the perfect thickness against the grain for tenderness. Next, the marinated strips go for a spin in the vacuum tumbler where the fibers are stretched, pulling the marinade deep into the meat. The state-of-the-art drying process transforms the marinated strips into succulent beef jerky that's right in the sweet spot between tough and tender.

We don't skip steps. We don't take shortcuts. You deserve the absolute best jerky experience. That is what we always strive to deliver.   


In the early 80’s our mother, Dee Dee Gresham, would make her famous barbq sauce for the Gresham Family on special occasions.
Beginning in the late 80’s, our father, Steve Gresham, embarked on a new business venture in food concessions at outdoor festivals. Naturally, we started selling barbq with Dee Dee’s famous sauce alongside Miss Piggy’s barbq. The number of people asking where they could buy our sauce was overwhelming.
In order to keep up with the growing demand, we continued making our sauce on the family stove, but continued to use larger and larger pots and bottling it in mason jars. Our customers demand for the sauce became so high that we outgrew the family kitchen. As the demand for our sauce grew, our family then purchased a 50 gallon steam kettle.
Sadly, on August 10th, 1996, Dee Dee passed away. Our father Steve and brothers Bryan and Doug Gresham changed the name of the sauce from Miss Piggy’s to Sweet D’s in our honor of our beloved mother Dee Dee.
In 2001 Gresham Foods Inc. was born. Today, we continue to provide our mother’s recipe for our loyal customers. Now we would like to share our family’s beloved barbq sauce with your family.


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