Part of our new concept at Darlage Custom Meats is to support other local businesses by making their products available to you at one location.  We offer a variety of products from other Indiana small businesses.  Stop in to check out all the great products made right here in Indiana.



The Hackman Family Farm Market opened its doors in 2012 as a retail business to serve up fresh quality produce for our customers. We are a family farm operation. Megan, Jacquelyn, Allison, and Victor are building and expanding on the 30 years of farming expertise of their parents, Tom and Ruth.

We offer a wide array of the freshest and ripest produce in the area. Our produce is picked daily as it ripens on the vine, not days ahead of its time. All items are available in season and are of the highest quality.

Our operation follows good agriculture practices (GAP). Our staff is educated on proper handling of produce. We strive to reduce our foot print on the land by using best management practices (BMP) for irrigation, pest and nutrient management, crop rotation, and cover crops. Not only do we want to provide quality produce, we want to be good stewards of the land.

We look forward to seeing our neighbors and meet new customers every day. Customer service and customer satisfaction with our produce is our primary goal. If you are in the neighborhood, come check us out.


Marion-Kay Spices is a family owned, managed, and operated company since 1922.

Originally started in Springfield, Missouri before moving to St. Louis, Marion-Kay Spices has called Brownstown, Indiana, home since 1949. Marion-Kay imports spices from nearly every region of the world. We blend, grind, mix, bottle, and ship directly from our factory to your location.

We take pride in our high quality of spices, our commitment to consistency, and our dedication to customer service.

Once you see, smell, and taste our spices, you will discover, There IS A Difference!

Nightfall Farms.jpg


Now carrying whole chickens, fresh eggs, chicken livers, and chicken hearts.

Oak-hickory forests roll down into rich riverbottom land and wetlands.  Pileated woodpeckers, coyotes, great blue herons, crawdads, and a host of other wildlife call this place home, including the Otte family.  Liz's family has stewarded these 250 acres for over forty years.  Lloyd and Carol Otte (Liz's parents) raised wheat, alfalfa, corn, beans, and beef cattle here in the 1970's and 80's.  More recently, they restored about thirty acres of wetlands through NRCS's Wetlands Reserve Program.  They continue to manage the forests for wildlife habitat and a bit of sustainable timber and firewood.  For the last thirty years, our neighbors, the Schepmans, have kept this land in production.

Starting our farm on Liz's family farm feels like a privilege and a responsibility.  We’re creating a small family farm, and we work to farm sustainably.  For us, that means that: We raise animals on pasture, with respect and care.  We’re committed to selling meat locally and feeding our neighbors and friends.  We’re trying to be good stewards of the forests, wetlands, and fields on our farm.



Sati Babi ® is a family-owned and operated business. We have been providing quality Filipino food for over 30 years. The recipe for Sati Babi was first born in the mind of our founder/father, Tony, while he was a medical student in the Philippines. After he fainted at the sight of blood, he moved to the United States where he obtained a degree in business. There he refined the recipe for his now-famous shish-ka-bobs. He first began selling Sati Babi in a small restaurant and eventually moved into serving his unique menu at special events such as festivals and fairs. We now function primarily as a concessionaire business. For a listing of some of our scheduled events this season, click here.

Sati Babi - (pronounced sottie bobbie) our own uniquely created word for our registered trademark product was inspired by variations of words from Filipino dialects meaning marinated pork



Albanese is a confectionery manufacturer, retailer, and distributor. For more than 30 years, we’ve made the World’s Best Gummies and Chocolates in the United States by using our simple recipe for success: putting flavor and texture first, always finding a better way, and never taking ourselves too seriously.

Our gummies and chocolates taste different because we’re different. All of our gummies, chocolates, and nuts are made at our factory located in the heart of the Midwest. We only produce the highest quality ingredients sourced exclusively from American and European growers. We’re best known for our 12 Flavor Gummi Bears®, but we have lots of fan favorites. If you like sour, our sour options that start sour, and stay sour, will surely make you pucker up! We appreciate our sugar-free and natural gummi fanatics too – we even mastered the Ultimate™ 8 Flavor Gummi Bears™ that elevate the tasting experience!

Look for the Gummi with the “A” on the Tummy to make sure you have the World’s Best in your hands.


I was brought up in a family where, if you saw one door was closing for you, you didn't turn your back on it and put your hand out, you looked for a new door!

I have made maple and hickory syrup for my own family for many years. I learned to make it by observing others, doing some reading on the subject and experimenting with small batches till I got the results I wanted. I have been selling replacement windows and doors for several years and I'm proud of the work I do and the product I sell. I am committed to American and local made products of good quality and Enk's Window's and Doors fulfills that criteria, but as is true for many businesses in today's economy, I just wasn't making enough money to meet the needs of my family. 

Last winter, as I was talking about tapping my maple trees on Facebook, and making hickory syrup, I started to see that some of my friends had an interest in buying my syrup! I tapped about twice as many trees as I normally would have and set up a second cooker and I found that I could sell it almost as fast as I could make it! Before I knew it, I was having to run another batch of hickory and I've already sold all the maple I had for this year. 

I had people contacting me on Facebook and I was selling syrup out of my store in Morgantown.   I began to think of ways that I could reach more people.  I decided to try setting up a booth at Jeffersonville at the Steam Boat Festival in the spring and I had also added some new flavors. Sassafras and Rhubarb were selling very well! I have added Strawberry, Cherry and Blueberry and I've also made some Peach and Blackberry. 

I continue to have new ideas for flavors--some of my own and some from the people who buy from me. I just had a man give me some culinary lavender last week and I'm anxious to try it to see what it's going to be like! I'm always willing to try something new but I am committed to keeping my products all natural with no additives or preservatives and I want to bring to my customers an excellent product at a fair price!

My wife and I have been setting up booths at some local Farmer's Markets and festivals and we're planning on doing a lot more but selling my wares at the Morgantown Farmer's Market has been particularly satisfying. I enjoy seeing my friends and neighbors dropping by to sample and buy my syrup but I'm proud of the fact that I've been able to give them the opportunity to buy something that was locally made because that's what it's going to take to bring our community back! 

In the fall I plan to make some gift sets and baskets and I hope that my friends and neighbors will consider giving them as gifts! Hoosier Sugar Daddy's products are never the wrong size or color and always delicious!!



Uncle Al’s Breading has been a cherished secret among fishermen in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan for decades to enhance the flavor of their daily catch. It began in southern Michigan in the 1960’s and through the years has passed hands and found itself being produced by enthusiasts in Mishawaka, South Bend, Walkerton and Rochester. In 2017, the Morrow Family brought it to central Indiana and expanded the product’s reach all the way to Missouri, Florida, northwest Wisconsin and even North Dakota! 

Everything is already in the bag so there’s no need to add anything. A special blend of flours, seasonings and a few secrets bring delicious flavor to any kind of meat, vegetables and even cheese. Uncle Al’s uses all local ingredients and you won’t find any preservatives or MSG in any of the mixes. The flour and corn we use is grown and milled locally.  Each batch is mixed and packaged in historic Converse, Indiana by a proud Hoosier farm family-Doug, Mary Beth and their two sons, Jacob and Will.

Today, Uncle Al’s is being used for pork tenderloins and fried chicken in Indiana restaurants, fish frys at your local American Legion, Elks, and Eagles clubs and now in your neighbor’s kitchen to whip us tonight’s dinner. You can find it at local specialty retailers, sporting goods stores, meat markets, bait shops, Amish bulk stores and farmer’s markets. 

Uncle Al’s Breading offers 5 varieties each with their own distinct flavors. Each variety can be baked, deep fried, pan fried or even air fried. We hope you try them all and make them a part of your family tradition!


Local Honey, Bee Pollen, and Beeswax


Even pretzels have a historical background....legend has it that pretzels originated during medieval times in southern Europe, and were baked in monasteries and given to children as a reward for learning and reciting prayers.

Famous Tell City Pretzels originated over 100 years ago, in 1858, when Casper Gloor, master baker from Switzerland, settled in Tell City, Indiana as a member of the Swiss Colonization Society. Gloor soon became known for the fine pretzel he baked from a secret recipe that he brought from Switzerland.

Gloor never revealed his secret formula to anyone, but after his death in 1912, it passed to Alex Kessler who worked for Gloor for 17 years, becoming a master baker himself. 

In turn, the secret recipe passed to Alex Kessler's two sons upon his death and on to future owners over time. Except for a short period when production ceased, the famous Tell City Pretzels have been hand twisted and baked in the old fashioned manner…in strict accordance with the centuries-old formula that was responsible for the fine quality and taste that established their wide spread acceptance.

On July 2nd, 2009, Brad and Sandy purchased the assets of the famous Tell City Pretzels. The fine quality, unique taste and unique krunch of the pretzels will be available again for all who were greatly disappointed when finding out that they could no longer enjoy this one of a kind pretzel. While people all over the world will be able to once again purchase the pretzel and observe the baking of the pretzels, the secret recipe will continue to remain secret! 


We partner with small, family farms in Indiana and neighboring states raising animals as nature intended: No gestation pens, antibiotic free, 100% vegetarian feed, no growth promotants, and more.

Slow cured and smoked meats, salumi, and sausages Handmade in Indianapolis since 2011.

Indianapolis natives and high school sweethearts Chris and Mollie Eley opened their neighborhood butcher shop and specialty food market in 2007.

Based on the relationships with farmers and the recipes that Chris developed behind the butcher counter, this family business grew into Smoking Goose in 2011.

Using old world craft and new world flavors, Smoking Goose makes over 40 varieties of slow cured and smoked meats, salumi, and sausages in small batches.

All Smoking Goose recipes begin on the farm. Working with farmers in Indiana and neighboring states who raise their animals as nature intended, Chris and the Smoking Goose gang still seam butcher by hand and cure without compound nitrates.

Producing this way takes more time, more effort, and more patience. but Chris' and Mollie's unwavering commitment to quality, flavor, and humane, sustainable farm partners has earned Smoking Goose nods from Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, New York Times, james beard foundation, Good Food Awards, and more.



Our B. Happy Peanut Butter is truly like nothing else you have had before. All of our peanut butter flavors start from honey roasted peanuts to achieve a texture that is crunchier than smooth and smoother than crunchy – and a taste that’s completely addictive! Whether you like chocolate, pretzels, cranberries, popcorn, raisins or apples and cinnamon, we hope you enjoy our B. Happy Peanut Butter. Good enough to simply eat it with spoon! Let us know what you think."


Here at Rumpy's we started small, sharing with friends and family the great tasting Pepper Spreads. The feedback and demands for more made us realize this stuff is really good. So we created a brand and went to market and the rest is history.

Everyone loves party snacks and Rumph's General Store offers the best. It's not a salsa or a jelly or even a relish. It is .....well.... Rumpy's World Famous Pepper Spread. It's just good! It is a parade of flavor from the initial sweet-pickling flavor to the rolling influx of pepper.

They go great with cheese and crackers, summer sausage, wings, cream cheese dip. Mix in burgers or meatloaf. Glaze on ham, pork or fish. Add in salads or chili and much more. So, on your next outing, be the talk of the town sharing some of Rumpy's World Famous Pepper Spread. Pick Sweet or Zesty or if you are into the spicier side of life, go for the Hot! We know you will enjoy our great tasting spreads, and please share any new recipes with us so we can pass them along!



We make condiments that make people happy!

Batch No. 2 is an Indianapolis product line with an emphasis on natural, local food. We bring a fresh twist on everyday varieties of food products. We are an Indianapolis based producer of artisan condiments operating out of the Fountain Square area. We are small, but growing and looking to show Indiana that small food business doesn't mean small flavor.

For more than a decade, Zach Rohn, Founder of Batch No. 2, has cooked professionally, but the mustard phase of his career began in 2012. “I initially started working in condiments to accompany fresh made brats for a friend,” he said. “I quickly found mustard was something very few produced, so I studied it further and discovered it’s one of our most ancient condiments and a comparatively lost art in our modern food scene. This left me feeling like there was a niche to fill, and so it began.”

“It” being Batch No. 2, his company on Indy’s southeast side, in what is becoming the state’s culinary mecca in the Fountain Square area. Without doubt, he is among many other food believers there.

“We take care in developing our recipes and perfecting our techniques and have produced something we believe to be really special,” Zach says of his products that include varieties of mayonnaise, catsups and, of course, mustards – three kinds: blackened cajun, wholegrain and Purple Pride.

“I discovered mustard is one of our most ancient condiments and a comparatively lost art in our modern food scene. This left me feeling like there was a niche to fill, and so it began.” Zach Rohn


In the early 80’s our mother, Dee Dee Gresham, would make her famous barbq sauce for the Gresham Family on special occasions.
Beginning in the late 80’s, our father, Steve Gresham, embarked on a new business venture in food concessions at outdoor festivals. Naturally, we started selling barbq with Dee Dee’s famous sauce alongside Miss Piggy’s barbq. The number of people asking where they could buy our sauce was overwhelming.
In order to keep up with the growing demand, we continued making our sauce on the family stove, but continued to use larger and larger pots and bottling it in mason jars. Our customers demand for the sauce became so high that we outgrew the family kitchen. As the demand for our sauce grew, our family then purchased a 50 gallon steam kettle.
Sadly, on August 10th, 1996, Dee Dee passed away. Our father Steve and brothers Bryan and Doug Gresham changed the name of the sauce from Miss Piggy’s to Sweet D’s in our honor of our beloved mother Dee Dee.
In 2001 Gresham Foods Inc. was born. Today, we continue to provide our mother’s recipe for our loyal customers. Now we would like to share our family’s beloved barbq sauce with your family.


A&S started out with one thing in mind...better jerky. As a life-long jerky lover I had grown tired of the one-dimensional taste that has dominated the jerky industry for years. After culinary school I decided to do something about it.

Here at A&S, we start with choice top round. A lean, flavorful cut usually reserved for roast or steaks, sliced to the perfect thickness against the grain for tenderness. Next, the marinated strips go for a spin in the vacuum tumbler where the fibers are stretched, pulling the marinade deep into the meat. The state-of-the-art drying process transforms the marinated strips into succulent beef jerky that's right in the sweet spot between tough and tender.

We don't skip steps. We don't take shortcuts. You deserve the absolute best jerky experience. That is what we always strive to deliver.   



On the outside we might look like every other coffeehouse; boasting about our house-roasted Fair-Trade coffee alongside our house-baked pastries on Instagram all amongst the backdrop of our industrial chic interior décor. But in reality, coffee is only part of our passion. What we genuinely care about are people. 

​We are working our hardest not just to provide you with the best cup of coffee you've ever had, but to strengthen our community while we’re at it. Because at the end of the day, coffee gets you through a lot of things, but it’s no substitute for the amazing people who live and work all around you. 

Agree with any of this? Support us by making a donation. Share it with someone. Know someone who needs help? Send them our way. Feeling the need for a caffeine fix? Join us for a cup to strengthen our community. 

​After living in the Indianapolis area for over 30 years we have seen progress and positive moments, but we have also seen sadness and decay and known first hand so many hurting people and families. Take a second to think. Do you know someone who has been divorced? Do you know someone who has struggled with addiction?

Odds are you said yes to at least one of those questions if not both and that breaks our heart.  And that’s why we do what we do.

Coffeehouse Five exists to serve the community. We call ourselves a For-Benefit because as a registered nonprofit we don’t reap the benefits of our profit, our community does. Every single item sold at Coffeehouse Five fuels our ability to provide marriage and addictions counseling completely free of charge.
We also realize we are stronger in community than on our own, so the money doesn’t stop there. We also support other local non-profit organizations each month to help them love and serve our community in ways we can’t.

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